‘Lost Covers – A Tribute to the music of Doves’

For fans of Manchester band Doves, some exciting news about a new music project called
‘Lost Covers’. This unique project is being put together as a tribute to the music of Doves
and to raise money for Mental Health UK.

Since returning after a 10-year hiatus the group have re-connected with their loyal fan base
and released a new album ‘The Universal Want’- the 3rd in their career to reach number 1 in
the UK’s official album charts. However, with a huge UK tour planned for 2022, it was
announced that all live dates would be cancelled with immediate effect due to mental
health issues affecting the lead singer Jimi Goodwin.

Chris Kelly, lead sponsor for the project said “Like thousands of fans I was shocked and
saddened to learn of the cancelled tour. My sense of sadness went out to Jimi, and I could
only imagine what he must be going through. My feelings were compounded when I read all
the comments from well-wishers on the bands Facebook page. We had all been through a
difficult time since the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic had broken the hearts of many
in societies all around the world. The music of Doves was a ray of light to countless fans, and
I felt compelled to do something to show to Jimi and the band that we were with them
having launched such a successful comeback of their own. That was where the idea of ‘Lost
Covers’ started.”

“I was compelled and excited to start a fundraiser for mental health through a mutual love
of the band and their music in October 2021. Thanks to social media I reached out to fans to
come forward and record a cover of their favourite Doves song. From a shortlist, each
suitable recording would become part of an album that could be downloaded in return for a
donation to Mental Health UK. The response was overwhelming and incredibly heartening as
fans from across the world came forward.”

Now, nearly six months later, we are on the cusp of releasing ‘Lost Covers’. Fans will be able
to download the album from April 29th to coincide with 20th anniversary of Doves second
album, ‘The Last Broadcast’. ‘Lost Covers’ will be available as a digital download from the
website www.lostcovers.com. The website will also allow for donations to be made to a
dedicated Just Giving page for Mental Health UK.

For any queries, contact Chris Kelly at the following:
Email: lostcoversdoves@gmail.com
Instagram and Twitter: @lostcoversdoves

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